02 Jul 18


1.a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Research also tells us that Volunteering makes people happier and healthier than those who don’t!

That sums up our next Volunteer of the Month Phil Begg, you couldn’t meet a happier or healthier Bloke than Phil.

Take in a typical Sunday morning at Home for Phil, it kick’s off with Team Managing one of our under 9 sides, with Yellow vest on, he arrives early to make sure the ground is set up for play he gets his side signed in, allocates the other roles and then sits back to enjoy a game of footy..

Now if you call enjoyment carrying a clip board with scrawls across the paper that resemble pythagoras theorem, enjoyment might be the wrong term to use, but thats Phils way to make sure each of the kids are getting a fair go, quarters played, positions played etc it’s all part of the service Phil provides.

From there Phil also has involvoment in with the Under 17’s and Senior Women sides, he’ll often put up his hand to do a job for either of those sides, when we say often, he’ll offer every week. In fact not just for the sides he has a Family tie too. He’s often seen running the boundry line for the under 16’s, Including the day the world nearly ended a couple of weeks ago, in the torrential rain, while the 16’s team manger was struggling to find anyone to help, Phil put up his hand, pulled on his flippers and got it Done! Thats just what he does.

Training nights he out on the ground lending a hand, 
At Club functions, he’s the first to Ask what can i do?
And just for good meaure he helps with the Ladies games when he can too.

He’s also been a major helper at Auskick in the past – all this from a Kiwi who fell in love with the real game from Heaven.

With twins in the under 9’s we’re very lucky, as we know we’re going to have Phil around lending a helping hand for many years to come.

From a Greatful Club, we Thank you and all our volunteers who help make our Club Great. 

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