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Vale Jack Hardy
06 Apr 18

After suffering a recent massive heart attack, our Esteemed Life Member and Club Supporter passed away on April 2, 2018. After playing a season with Regent Scouts in the PDJFA, Jack commenced his West Preston career with the U18 in YCW in 1954 and 55, in which the team won both flags. He moved into the Seniors in the CYMS competition where he played for a few seasons until an injury forced him into retirement. He did remain around the club in a number of capacities, and ensured its survival. He was often seen running the boundary, before the days of official boundary umpires. This Boundary experience stood him in good stead when it was time for his sons Michael, and Mark to play for West Preston Juniors, and he supported them right throughout their junior days. Jack had a magnetic personality, not unlike the character “The Fonze” of sitcom fame “Happy Days”. He made friends easily, though didn’t suffer fools, and people were drawn to him, whether that was at the Club, or back at “the shed” in Symons Street. The Club extends its condolences to his wife Anne (a Junior Life member), his children Felicity and Mark as well as his sisters Mary, Sr Pat and Carmel, and extended family.

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