26 Sep 18

While we reflect in the glow of the amazing senior premiership on Saturday it’s timely to look at the weekend's lineup and while it had a couple of ex AFL and VFL listed players who all now proudly call J E Moore Park home, we had 6 Father son’s wearing premiership medals around their necks on Saturday night, in fact, in one case a third generation rooster!

Adam and Daniel Valeri followed in the footsteps of Dad John, Liam McVeigh in the step of Paddy, Matthew Vincitorio and Nuno shared a special moment, Josh Novelli and Danny, while Aiden Tilley is a third generation following grandfather Laurie and dad Paul into the red, white and blue.

What better advertisement for a community club can you have than a community that sticks together, 6 father sons in the one premiership side, Wow!

And it doesn’t stop there with more bloodlines through the senior programme in reserves and 19’s not to mention the scores of kids throughout the junior program whose dads have worn the jumper with pride.

You also only had to cast your eye over the crowd on Saturday to see the toddlers and younger children already wearing the red white and blue to know more are on the way.

And while we're on a roll our historic first ever senior women's premiership included Simone and Maddison Burridge following in dad Damien's footsteps.

Look even deeper and with the growth of Women’s football we can also add some Father/daughters to our list from our 16 girls premiership side and in younger age groups. In our 16 girls there are 4 that I am aware of Erica & Sandro Cirianni (although they were both in Italy and missed the GF – Sandro was coach all year and Erica played all but the finals), Alyssa & Daryl Delos, Tallia & Frank Pulcino and Ashleigh & David Snow. How exciting will it be down the track when the first Mother/Daughter/Son graces the hallowed turf.

They call Hawthorn the family club, I think the Mighty West Preston Lakeside FC might put them in the shade don't you?? This is clearly a place to call home to generations of Roosters.

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