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2018 REUNION -1968 West Preston YCW Premiers
26 May 18


Left to right:  Tony Hayes, John Keane, Ken Louder, Peter Wait, Rex Nunan, Lau rie Tilley, Ray Nioa, Peter Jones, Kevin Power, RogerHarris, Graham Lalor,  Brian Flynn


Hi Tonners - Well, reunion 2018 has come and gone and Melbourne nursing homes will have a clearer knowledge of exact numbers as to who have actually absconded and who were just confused and lost. It was a great day and well supported - the same old yarns were recycled with the predictable variations depending on memory and poetic licence.

A number of apologies were submitted prior to the event mainly geographical or pre­ commitment but we still managed to attract some "foreigners"- DOBBO from Darwin, REDDA from Qld and another Qld member who will remain un-named  until the writer can confirm whether RUNAWAY BAY is a TV series or a low security prison. It was breath taking to watch the elderly citizens negotiating their way around other moving objects, up stairs and down ramps with intense concentration so that not a drop was spilled.

Congratulations to TERRY FRAUMANO who traveled up from Geelong for the day, one of the few surviving members of the Club's golden era. FRUEY was a member of the glory years when the under 18's won the premiership trio (1954, 1955, 1956) - and to just to prove it wasn't just a fluke he played in the 1960 Premier and Champion team as well.


The 1968 Premiership Team was well represented with 12 members attending. Rallying around VICE CAPTAIN ( not captain of vice) LAURIE TILLEY,  TONY HAYES  (also doubling up as the Coach of the under 18 Premiership Team 1978), KEVIN POWER (1968 Best & Fairest), RAY NIOA (all the way from MOOROOPNA on his aged pensioner FREE rail travel), PETER WAIT (on probation from WUNJUNGA) and the rest of us with no particular claim to fame.This was a collection of heads that only a mother could love-----

-"....... age shall not weary them ........ " BULLDUST.

The 1978 Premiership Team may not have been as ugly and worn as the '68 boys but with names like 'Icey' , 'Buzz', 'Crasher', 'Perry', 'Laids', 'Junior' etc. it made us keep our hands over our wallets all day.

It was great fun and no casualties have been reported, so congratulations to all the Premiership groups and the general members who made the effort to attend and hopefully we will all get to do it again next year.

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